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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yosemite hiking trip - 3 days?

staying in one of those unheated canvas tents...any advice as to what to take with me would be fantastic as I've never done this before...

get a thermal sleeping bag, that should keep you warm since it might get a little chilly at night. also stock up on those disposable hand warmers, those work sooo well and stay warm for a very long time. also, no food in the tent. tie your cooler or foodpack to a rope and hang it on a tree away from the ground. yosemite is infamous for bears. never seen any when i was there, but ive seen pictures! have fun, this sounds like an awesome strip!!

When will i get my USPS Package if it is already Processed?

It Say's That "Your item was processed and left our SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94188 facility on March 29, 2009 2:42 A.M." When Will It Come To my House. Its like a 20 minute drive to get it.But Today is march 30,2009

It will problaby arrive march 30 or march 31 for sure.

Cabo San Lucas? Anyone?

Going to cabo sometime in fall..

What's the weather like? Are there still plenty of tourists around?

What are the best food places and the best bars?

Is there something we absolutley HAVE to do??

Any other info about Cabo would be great!!

If you've been there give me some ideas on things to do!



I was there last April. The weather is awesome, never rained, always hot, never humid.

Tourism is very big there, it is almost too big, IMO. The "Americanization" of that area is a bit of a let down. Everyone speaks English and the dollar is the preferred currency.

The #1 place to go to of course is Cabo Wabo. That is Sammy Hagar's bar and he has his own tequilla! Mmmm...

We went ATV riding in the baja, that was awesome! Also, snorkeling and sunset cruises are great.

My suggestion, go to downtown Cabo a couple times and just wander through the markets. Find a small place to eat a block or two off the beaten path, you wont regret it.

Best vacation spots for toddlers?

We have a 3 yr old and don't know where to go for vacation with her. We live in the dfw area in texas. we would like to go somewhere no longer than a 10 hr drive. we couldn't stay in the car any longer than that with her.

not Phoenix

HI ...I will be starting a new job and I was scheduled to fly out the US ...?

I have already paid for a Air fare ticket, but I will be starting a new job soon and I wont be able to go ( I will be on a probabtion period ) so I cant miss any days. Will American Airlines refund my ticket ?

Or what happens ?


No.. you won't get a refund, but if you call before your flight date.. you can Change the dates on your ticket to another time.. (or just put them on "hold" until you have dates) You must travel within 1 year of the date.. and you pay $100 for the change.. plus the difference in price between your tickets and the new fares when you choose your flight.

Better than losing the entire thing.

Airlines usually dont refund tickets unless you paid extra to get a refundable ticket, which you probably didnt. In rare cases, Ive heard of them giving vouchers to where you could use the ticket at a later date, but this is very rare.

It depends which type of ticket you bought. You will most likely be able to transfer it for a different day, maybe get a credit. You definitely won't be able to get a refund though. Call them and ask.

Why don't you ask the people WHO CAN ANSWER THIS QUESTION rather than asking here on Answers.? Contact AMERIKAN AIRLINES and ASK THEM... what a concept.. actually TALKING TO THE PEOPLE WHO CAN HELP YOU.

er phone them up!

What to pack for a field trip?

were going on a field trip on wednesday to a science museum and i dont know what to pack for entertainment and we will be on the bus for about 1 hour and 15 minutes i dont know what to pack because this is the first field trip im going on science last year so not sure what to take with me! and i also want to pack light cause i don't want to carry alot of weight while im walking in the museum.

Bring your ipod (or borrow someones). Bring a book. Or magazines. Bring a jacket incase its chilly. Bring you're camera so you can take pics in the museum and with you and your friends. All that should fit in a purse or a drawstring bag. :D

listen to this song i wrote

it was a cold night

it was a hot sun

the moon was out

and the birds were chirping

i was thinking of you

and i started to puke

and thats when i realized u were the world to me!

How long does it take normally for a passport to arrive?

I'm going to Canada with a bunch of friends for a fishing trip. This is my first time going out of country (USA). My trip is a week long in the third week of July. I plan on dropping the 2 checks, photos, and paperwork this Thursday but my question is will I have my passport in time for my trip or should I do an "overnight"? Also what's the difference between a visa and passport? Which one(s) do I need?

Thanks in advance.

You'll need a PASSPORT, not a Visa.

A Passport is good for 10 years, a Visa is a Temporary/Timed document!

It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks, from mailing, to Receive your Passport, you will have plenty of time to Receive it. April to 3rd. week in July is approx. 15 weeks!

Phone number of Leisure Luggage?

I have a suitcase buy Leisure Luggage, purchased several years ago. The handle broke, and I would like to contact the company to see if I can get a replacement handle, but I can't seem to find COMPANY information anywhere - just their products at other stores.

Does anyone have any information on Leisure Luggage?

They are known as:

Leisure Merchandising Corp

96 Northfield Ave

Edison, NJ 08837-3807

(732) 346-9009

good luck

I have no idea, for all you know they could of went out of business.

How much do Commercial Air pilots make and what is the best company to start working for?

I will be coming out of the Air force in 8 years and i want to fly Commercial what should i do?


About $100,000 per year. If you really ARE a U.S.A.F. Pilot, I'm surprised the airlines haven't already started recruiting you.

Things to do on car trip?

Me and 2 of my friend are going to the mountains on Friday. We will be driving for a very long time. What are some things we can do to pass the time.

Listen to a book on cd, or downloaded to an ipod

Ask each other questions like what are your three favorite movies of all time or what did you want to be when you grew up? Other survey type questions.

Listen to music

Plan your activities in the mountains

Reminisce about old times

Just talk

something i do is look for license plates from other states. i also look for my initials in the license plates. another game i do is name a place ex. california. since it ends in a, my friend names a place that starts with a, like arlington. then i name a place that starts with n, nebraska, and she names a place that starts with a, australia, and so on.

radio, read, nap, sight see, chat. eat..............that's for passengers.......driver should do none of the above.

How do you keep a trip in plan for over a year?

Well by next June 11-14 (2010) I will be 17. I want a few of my friends and myself to head down for Bonnaroo; the music festival in TN. But I know if I don't plan it properly it will just be some stupid idea I wasted thoughts on for a year. So could someone give me tips or a guide to planning out big trips. It's a fairly big trip for being 17, being I live in Maine and it's in TN. So thanks in advance for any tips, advice, help!

firstly I'd find out how much tickets will be and secure those you should be able to find those online or through ticketmaster or somewhere like that. Secondly I'd figure out how to get to where you need to go (driving directions?) If you plan to fly then you need to figure out where the closest airport is to the city in tennessee where you are going. then call the airlines to see if the time you'll be down in tennessee coincides with when their flights arrive there and you will also want to make sure that where you are flying into is close to where you will be staying for the duration of your trip. call some hotels or motels in the area and compare prices or as the other poster said check out any hostels in the area as they will be much cheaper. then you want to figure out where you will eat and factor that into how much money all this is going to cost per person and work toward that number.

as it's more than a year away I'd always have a notepad handy for when you call the hotels / or airlines and such and write anything down so you don't forget it as I think for you to book both airlines or hotels it's way to early to do so, but you'll get an idea of prices and estimate what it will cost.

As far as the tickets go I'd secure those as early as you can and maybe make up a folder to hold all the info for your trip and you can also put the tickets in there so they don't get lost.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

An old friend would travel all over the world fairly cheap by joining a "hostel", its a safe place to go along with people who share your interests that love to travel on a budget.

Where is a good place to go for study abroad program?

Hey im shanell and im a freshman in high school. i plan on going on a high school study abroad program for awhile. but i dnt knw that many languages i am taking spanish and i speak english so thats all i know. and the reason im doing the program is to see the world b4 my time is over . so if u can please help me just tell me as much as u know . even a little information would help me. also suggestions on where to go would help too. please and thank you.

Good question i am also trying to do that but it seems like some programs are out of my reach (economically speaking) but depends on how long you are going to be abroad and you need to talk to your councelor also. their are many programs that are good like ASSE.

How many ounces are you aloud to take on a plane?

I work for an airline company. Remember the 3-1-1 rule: Each container must be 3 ounces or less, for 1 traveler in 1 quart size baggie. And, no water, soda, etc allowed through security. You can purchase drinks at the gate areas after passing through security.

As many 3oz things as you can fit in a large Ziploc Bag. You can bring as much water as you want I think now, and it does not have to be in the bag.

What Is The Best Moving Comany?

We are Moving from California to Oregon, and we have a pretty big house, so we need a good moving company. Any reccomendations?

-Atlas Van Lines

-United Van Lines

-North American Van Lines


As Always, I will give the 10 points by tomorrow.

United Van Lines. imo

i will say UHAL its here in oregon but it can go to other states and go pick your stuff up and drive in front of the so you can lead the way

(i think not positive)

Is there anyway I can fly to Turku, Finland from Chicago, IL roundtrip for $500-$600? I dont care when I go.?

the best i could find was 694$ on expedia if you travel on Tuesdays in November

I lost my passport, how long will it take me to get a new one?

I lost my passport sometime ago and I need to have one by early July... I have the passport services - information card with the passport number, not sure how much that helps, ...also to get it by july, how much is it going to cost.

Should take about 6 weeks, and costs $80 - $85 (if you're in Canada). I would get it soon. You never know what can happen with government computer crashes or postal strikes.

If you where to travel between the 2 countries that are the feast apart which 2 countries would it be?

The north and south pole don't count.

The "feast" apart?

Do you mean the FARTHEST apart? I think it would be from the westernmost part of Portugal to the easternmost part of Russia; or possibly from the northern tip of Norway to the very southernmost part of Chile.

peru/Guatemala and australia

LA and Paris

I really want to do something great over the summer.?

My friends are pretty much going to be gone most of the summer on trips and whatever else they have planned. So I'm going to be stuck at home with nothing to do, because my family and I aren't really going to go on any vacations, maybe 1 or 2 but that's it..I really love helping people out and just doing things that are really fun and memorable. I want to make the most of everything. I'm a quiet persone, but I'm strong and am willing to do anything that sounds like fun!..and is safe and ok for a 13 year old to do. I'll be 14 in July, just saying so if u have to be a certain age for something..

Look for volunteer opportunities in your area. Not only will it be interesting and worthwhile, the experience will be a big plus when you try to get your first job. It will also help with college applications.

Volunteer opportunities vary a lot depending on where you live. If your school has a guidance counselor, they may be able to help identify your options. Also google for it.

Moving out essentials?

23 y/o female & finally moving out of mom & dad's house!

So far, I only have a laptop computer, a multi-sized dinner plates/ bowls etc set... and a bed to take with me.

What are some essentials to buy when moving into your first place?

Things you wish you would have bought first / later on?

Any lessons learned?

Thanks for your help!! :)


Pots and Pans

Good Luck! :)

A microwave if the place doesn't come with one. With money being tight you'll more than need it! Also Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! Those things will clean up any mishap you may encounter in a rental... Good luck to you!
What does this mean by?

They are asking for your passport number.


Im an extremely bad traveller and i would like to get your oppinions on what i should do . I really need help with this . Im flying out of ireland on tuesday..

Keep in mind that I'm allergic to the patches for behind your ears and the the main ingredient in it .


thank you . x

Have you tried those wrist straps that press the pressure points on your wrists and help you that way? I use them, they help.


Travel sick pills?

A list of things to do in the car on a road trip ?

I need some things-ideas to do in the car on a 3 hour road trip

i like fooling around with a GPS in the car, but it's probably not likely you'd be able to do that if the driver is using it.

other options -

rubix cube

electronic games




draw your own pictures

write a story or poem

if you have a smart phone , you can goof around on the web

laptop computer

portable DVD player.

Don't forget spare batteries if you need them.

Listen to music, sleep, eat. I'd sleep, or just look around the surroundings.

Read! I love a huge book to read in the car, and im not really really old. Look outside though

What should I bring to camp?

I'm going to summer camp in Maryland and my camp doesn't provide a list for what to bring. Not just clothing, but toiletries and entertainment stuff too. The only reason I am asking this is because i know i will forget something.

I'm staying for 2 weeks.

If you could tell me what to bring and how much of it that would be great.


P.S. I will be doing horse back riding too

first off the basics:

tooth brush & tooth paste

extra clothes



sleeping bag

first aid kit (always handy to have)

sleeping bag (in case bed not provided)

toilet paper (always handy to bring)


hair things



portable DVD player(only if they have electricity)

PSP/Ninendo DS/ipod/MP3 player/ hand held divices

That can get you going now you can think of more

What to pack for college?

can u make a small list of things to pack for college other than clothes like devices and technoloy and others

laundry stuff

paper towels

kleenex boxes

plastic cups/utensils





posters/poster tack

garbage bags


full length mirror



travel coffee mug

I packed for my son and daughter and the most important thing for us was an anti-bacterial spray for the mattress. (It has been used you know) and be sure to get the extra long twin sheets that your college recommends college beds are Not a standard twin. In my day a footlocker was nice to pack items in and then keep at the foot of the bed as storage. We girls also used them as coffee tables. And Rent a fridge unless you want one kicking around your house in the summer-rent it from the school. Take less than you think you need-you have to cart it all back at winter and summer break.

Everything that you have (clothes,books,computer,). I will need some furniture,dishes. List could be very long. Just look around yourself and ask yourself a question: "Can I live without it?'.

What else do I need to do to get Ready for a week long trip to Maryland from New York with a broken arm?

By Fri April 3

-Refill Phone

-Pack Clothes

-Buy Eye Liner

-Charge and Pack DS

-Pack Xtra Cell Charger


-Re Pack Bag

-Pack Bag For Fri With Kassie

-Buy AAA Batteries

-Pack Hair Straightener/Press N Seal/ Etc


-Bus Pass To Kassie's

-Plan With Mom To have her bring MD bag to Kassie's


-Pack Laptop

Any thing else you think I need to do??

Please don't comment on the whole "planning ahead" thing. I just want to know if I am missing anything. I am going with a friend and her family. What else do I need? Should I take shampoo, soap, etc? I am supposed to pack light because we can wash clothes (that is why it says "Pack" more than once." is because I want to narrow it down), so should I bring a lil thing with detergent?


Do you have a camera or do you use your phone? Tampons? I heard you should take body wash instead of bar soap. Deodorant, Razor,Do you wear contacts? Don't forget floss(cannot live w/o it. And if you have a retainer. Well Have fun...

How can a 17 year old travel for as little money as possible?

i really want to travel but i dont really have any money and anything ive heard about is expensive so i was wondering if anyone knows about ANYTHING that could allow me to travel for little money no matter how much work would be involved

If you are looking for traveling then I would suggest looking to airlines, cruise ships, or military. These are all jobs that will require you to travel and best of all it will be for free, but alot of hard work. You can also look into sales, but the good sales people who get most of the good travel now a days are ones with business degrees.

u need money to travel, if u don't have it, stay put. what r u gonna do anyways? sight see without money in ur pocket?

save up, get a job, then, go on a world tour or something

How long does it take for item to get out of CUSTOMS?

I bought something from the US and USPS said it's in Canadian customs. How long does it take for it to get out of customs and ship to my place?

HI it depends, if processing at customs done in the morning, your package will be at your end by the afternoon, but I doubt if they deliver per item, most probably they will consolidates all the released items from customs territory and make a one time delivery, so most likely your item will be delivered the next day.

How to pack the top of my Suzuki with the family luggage?

Me and the family will be going on a trip at the end of May. My truck is a Suzuki XL7 that seats 7. There are 2 adults and 4 children going. Of course most of the luggage is going on top of the truck. Now, do I need to buy a covered top to go on it to put the luggage in. Or can I just tie the stuff down and cover it with tarp. Some one please help. Thanks!

covered top would be the best but a tarp can suit you fine just make shure your load is secured well. have fun on your trip

Which one has the warmest climate,Japan or Greece?

I've been living in Greece for the last 30 yrsand I can honestly say that on average it must be Greece because although we do get quite cold weather generally the climate is mild in Winter and hot in the spring, summer and autumn.

Is Greece warmer than Japan?

Yes, much warmer! Make sure you visit the islands. Santorini, Paros,etc...

my tv is warmer then japan.

Can i take perfume less than 100ml in my hand luggage/hand bag?

im flying from perth to frankfurt with a stop at kuala lumpur

Yes, liquids that are 100ml or less can be carried on board the plane. You must remember that the total amount of liquids must generally fit into a 1 quart (US), or about a 1 litre, zip-lock type bag and the bag must be closed. This regulation was put into force by the US however I believe that most other western countries enforce similar regulations.

Do you prefer to go camping or staying in a hotel?

Are you the outdoorsy type who loves the morning dew smell from the canvas, while listening to people chinking around making their morning tea, or are you a luxury addict who can't stand camping and will only sleep on a proper bed, with room service etc?

I vote for the campers. Hi de hi!

Camping without a doubt; step outside straight into the country, no set times for meals or leaving, campfire and a few drinks at night. Can't beat it.

I self employed working from home and as well as "working" I do all the day to day cleaning, cooking, tidying up, washing, bed making etc so for the 10 days of so that I go on holiday in a year (if I'm lucky) I want someone else to make the damn bed for once and cook breakfast, not me.

I've been camping before I had my kids, it was fun at the time and I guess for 20somethings with no kids its great but it wouldn't be what I'd choose now.

I don't class myself as a "luxury addict" I never order room service, I just want my one holiday a year to be relaxing and trying to entertain children and get damp clothes dry when its raining outside is not my idea of relaxing.

Give me the morning dew no problem, I'll go for an 8 mile hike, bird watching and admiring wild flowers, I just don't need to be in a tent to appreciate nature.

i love both i like camping, stayin round the fire or bbq drinking on a night, swimin in the lakes all day etc

but campin isn't relaxing.... so i also do like to have a lazy holiday were everything is done for you. ones where you can just sit round the pool AAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL... day


i vote BOTH!

Yeah! Camping ain't a holiday its an outdoor kitchen I do like it if the toilets and showers are clean but I would rather have a private bathroom and I hate holidays.

I like days out to the seaside instead sea air and home bed that's all I need.

I enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of nature but I want the comforts of a hotel.

Camping hands down. You get closer to nature, it`s nice sleeping under the stars and I don`t mind roughing it a bit!

staying in a hotel cos i don`t have a tent.. :-)

What is your favorite place in the whole world?

My house

I would definitely say Paris. There is no such a historic and lovely place on the earth.


What is tourism? 10 points?

what exactly is tourism? not the defention from wiki.

well, tourism is temporary going out of permanent place of living with purpose of visiting, knowing new places or something, tourism are divided on several branches, like leisure, educational, eco-tourism, visiting relatives and friends is also tourism etc.

Need help packing for beach vacation?

Next week my husband and I are taking our 4 and 3 year old to SC. This will be their first trip to the beach. Really it's our first vacation as a family. I'm extremely overwhelmed and besides the basics, what should I bring. We will be there for 5 day/ 4 nights.

Ok, I have been on three major trips with my daughter. I drove from PA to IL when she was 10 months, also down to SC around the same time, and last year right before she turned 3, I went from PA to DE.

You will definitely the basics: diapers and wipes if they aren't trained, obviously clothes-pjs and day clothes, sippy cups and kid plates if you're not eating out every day, snacks for the trip (even if you're traveling at night), a box of toys per child to give them something to do, movies/games for down-time, bathing suits, swimmer diaper things (again if they aren't trained), sand toys, beach shoes so the stones and stuff don't hurt, lots of sunscreen, chap-stick with an SPF, hats for both for the beach, towels, their own bed stuff (pillows, blankies, stuffed animals) to keep them comforted at night.

That should be good. Trip planning is overwhelming in general and when you add even 1 child, it's tough. I suggest writing a list of EVERYTHING you are taking and checking off as you pack it that way you can be sure you have everything.

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