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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What can I do on my road trip from Dover to the Philadelphia area?


How much money can you bring into another country on a plane?

US to Colombia..and back. Please no stupid comments about drugs.
You can bring more than $10,000 but you have to declare it if it that much or more when you are going through security and fill out a form. And expect questions because they are into everyone

Lanai or Kauai?? for a honeymoon?

My fiance and I are planning our (10 day) honeymoon to Hawaii, and we cannot decide which Island to go to.

We are going in December.

We want to try and see whales possibly. Snorkel, see a waterfall maybe?, go hiking, swim lots, maybe swim with dolphins? horseback riding, etc.

So which island do you think would suit our

Is anyone out there from Haiti?

My husband and 2 children are taking a trip there. We would like to rent this house we found on line and house 2 or 3 nice families with us there for about a year or until we can help them get on their feet. Any thoughts on this? How can we meet families? My parents think we are nuts and its to violent there, do you?. We don

What is the best book store in London England?

Why are there more thriving book stores in England than America?
Actually the book trade in the U.K. isn

Can i use my laptop to watch a film on plane?

am i allowed to watch a film on my laptop while on the plane to lanzarote ?
Yes, the airlines only prohibit you from using your laptop computer while the plane is taking off and landing. Otherwise, you

Alou fun park in athens?

experiences for members that have visited the place?im planning in 1-2 weeks to visit the city..{its been 6 years since the olympics which i saw the xalkia getting the gold metal...awesome!}
Uhmmm....well it can be fun but there are so many teenagers there so I dont go, I have been though 5-6 times in the past. There are more games to play , like 3g and 4g , on those huge weels you know , duh I d never go in there I have lol, however i ve been in the mouse train which is fun but it makes your stomach sick afterall, lmao, oh and if you go try the 4d cinema experience, there are some short movies on 4d the seats are moving and they spill water on you or you feel whatever is happening in the movie, as if you are in there, its very funny ! Oh and dont forget to eat the fried potatoes with melted cheese and bacon and then some ben

What Is Public Transportation Like In Savannah?

I am thinking of relocating to Savannah GA. I need public transportation: buses, taxis, car service, etc.... what is it like?
Savannah is just like any place in this world where there are Trains, Buses, Cars, Taxis and many more. Try to buy a car for you to become comfortable.

Is it possible to walk all the way to seattle?

recently i

Is it safe for electronics to through an x ray at the airport?

LIke for the carry on security procedure is it safe for electronics ie: ipods, laptop, cameras...

Whats going on here with not so cool{not offensive content}?

before seconds i saw an answer of him

If you stay within the city can you avoid a lot of racism?

So I

Pinoys, is there a cure for gagaism?

No, No, not crazy for Lady Gaga.

But to be completely absorbed, infatuated, or excited over something or someone. Yeah like going gaga over you. May gamot ba dyan? Is there a medicine to cure that?
Yeah there is, but quite hard to do, it

For a man

ego-stroking or libido-stroking?
Any man who lives and dies on his ego or libido is ultimately no good to any woman who wishes to stroke either one.


My first time to JFK Airport/New York. Directions for public transportation to my hotel? and costs? tips? Thx!?

This is what I am thinking I will do:

Take the AirTrian from JFK to Sutphin/Jamaica Station. Get off and take the E train to 42 Street. Get off and take 1 Train to 79 Street and walk to my hotel.

Please let me know if this is correct or not. Also is a $7.25 metro card going to be enough?

I am staying at On The Ave:

2178 Broadway

New York, NY 10024
The hotel is question is located on the corner of Broadway and West 77th Street, and the directions from the airport are correct. Also, $7.25 is good enough to cover the fare for both the Airtrain and the subway. The fare on the Airtrain is $5, while the fare on the subway is $2.25.

I hope this information was very helpful. If you have any questions or need travel directions while in town, just drop me a line by clicking on the avatar and e-mail icon in the profile. I

How much spending money (in SGD) should I bring to Singapore for 3 days and 3 nights?

i already have an accommodation, i wont do shopping. Just touring / sightseeing and eating. Please help me!
meals cost around 3 to 5 SGD ( local food stalls, mostly chinese food)

western food is usually more expensive ( the cheapest one i found is around 5 to 6 SGD)

mineral water is around 2 to 3 SGD ( big ), 1.5 SGD ( small)

MRT fare is around 1 to 3 SGD, alternatively u can buy one day ticket, the last time i went there it costed 8 SGD but i heard that it costs around 10 SGD now.

taxi fare is quite expensive coz there are some charges, for example peak hours charge, etc.

touring/ sightseing cost is various, for example, hippo river cruise package costs15 SGD per person, singapore flyer n trishaw package costs 39.90 SGD

and don

About Chowchilla, Ca?

Anyone know of a restaurant in Chowchilla? I am coming from New York State,via San Francisco airport,to a family gathering in Modesto.One of my best friends from high school loves in Tulare. We thought we;d meet for lunch half way between Modesto and Tulare. Chowchilla looks about right.Is there an OK restaurant there? Looked it up and only found one. thanks!
Odd choice. Chowchilla is a small town in the middle of nothing. Other than some of the standard national chain burger, and taco places there is

Transit visa at Spanish airport (Barajas, Madrid) ?

Will I require a Spanish airport transit visa?

I am an Indian citizen currently residing in the UK . I am going to Morocco later this week. However my flight is indirect and it requires me to change flights in Madrid ( Spain ). I will only need to stay at the airport for a maximum of 3 hours and my next flight is within 3 hours with the same airlines. I will be arriving at terminal 4 at the Barajas airport and departing from terminal 4s. I will be changing the terminals via the underground rail link. I wanted to know if I would require an airport transit visa . I am not a permanent resident in the U.K. but have a resident visa which is valid until 2011. I have been living in the UK for the last four and a half years. If I provide the following documents at the airport will I still need a airport transit visa :

- Visa for Morocco

- UK Residence Visa (Valid until January 2011 , NOT permanent )

- Ticket for next destination

- Proof of Accommodation in Morocco

I have emailed the schengen visa centre and I was told that I wouldn

Can anyone plz tell me the police rankings of Vancouver police department? I am desperate.?


Is living in Manhattan, New your amazing?

I am moving there in 2012 and wanted to know..
There are a number of factors that will weigh into your

Any sites woth lota korean dramas online ?

let me know. in the mood for some.

news and updated

Others have listed theirs too. it has all asian drama include korean
check out it

Will he enter the usa?

My son witch is 14 years old will be going to usa from canada with his brother witch is 18 years old

will he still be allowed to go with out his parents
He should have a notarized letter from you authorizing him to travel to the USA. His 18 year-old brother does not need a letter.

Questions about alton towers?

1. Do you have to pay for the shark bait reef? or does it come with alton towers.

2. Is alton towers good for a 14 year old 10 year old and a 34 year old?

3. Which are the best rides there? it worth the money?

any other info would help :D|

1) Shark Bait reef is free although not that fantastic, i would spend time in the middle of the day (when the park is busiest and queues longest) - 2pm - to go around it.

2) Alton towers has rides for all ages groups and 14 yrs olds will get on most of the big rides so will a 10 yr old if he wants a bit of a scream

3) the best ride there definatly has to be

What time does alton towers close and open?

In august during summer hols I am going to visit my sister and niece in yorkshire with my mum and they live 20 Min

Where can I buy SHINee

I want to buy the album where it reflects on the Hanteo Chart please!
DONT buy it from Yesasia it does NOT count on the Hanteo charts!

Buy from Dvdheaven

You can buy from here too

Buy version A because version B does NOT count on the charts

Also the only difference between A and B are the pictures.

What are good places to go in dc?

i am 12 years old and staying with my aunt in washington dc for 3 weeks but i need to find some interesting museums and stuff to go to it doesnt matter how adult it is tell me about it and i will look it up thnx
I personally love the Native American Museum, the Air and Space Museum, the Museum of Natural History and the Holocaust Museum. Other fun things to do in DC are the National Zoo, the 9:30 Club, the National Mall, the Botanic Garden, the National Theater, Rock Greek Park, Bureau of Engraving and Printing (where money is printed) and Georgetown. I

Where can one rent a kilt in Portugal?

Onde se podem alugar kilts em Portugal? Amigos meus precisam para um casamento em Portugal. O noivo escocs e o pessoal quer usar kilt, mas no sabem onde se pode alugar. Se souberem no Norte de preferncia, Grande Porto.
never eared of a place that rent those, good luck

Is degrassi doing a mall tour in 2010?

they always do these so the fans can meet them. but i cant fing out if they are doing any
Based on my findings, I

Connection between PIA-KLM at Dubai airport?

I am planning to travel from Islamabad to Amsterdam. I have a connection between two airlines at the Dubai airport. I want to know the followings:

1- Can I book my baggage at Islamabad airport for the final destination (i.e. Amsterdam).

2- If the first is

What cruise has better food?

regents or celebrity cruiselines
Having read all the cruise reviews I think regent has the better food, because it is a 6 star luxury cruise lines it doesnt have that many passengers so can offer a more personal catering experience. however be warned you are unlikely to get the choice of food or dining options that you will get on a Celebrity ship just because of the size of their ships and the number of restaurants available on board.
Regents has a very high rating according to Conde Naste magazine, so I have to say Regents.

How to write Crocodile in Japanese romaji ?

just like the title says .. how to write Crocodile in Japanese romaji

i think it will be a cool nickname for my crocodile

How can I do an SAE for Ireland?

Want to send an autograph request for an Irish Actress, agents address Co Dublin Ireland.

Usually I would send an International Reply Coupon but their postal service emailed me and said they don

What is the cheapest insurance for a teen?

what insurance company will be more affordable for a teen
I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes so you can find the best option for you
Try this site

Here you can compare quotes from different companies

Overnight london to dublin?

i was wondering if anyone knows anything about overnight rail sail london to dublin?? or even overnight flights?

i fly into london-stansted at 22:00 monday and miss the last flight out to dublin from there, but need to be in dublin early the next morning.

my first choice would have been to just take the first flight out tuesday morning with ryan air but unfortunately it leaves at 6:30 and arrives in Dublin at 7:45 which is too late for me.


Is there a health insurance company in los angeles california thats free or cheap?

I dont have enough money to afford regular health insurance any suggestions?
I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes so you can find the best option for you
How about you stop trolling in this forum? You

Can I bring water onto an airplane?

After you pass through security, can you buy water nd bring it onto the plane?
Yes, you may -- the liquid restrictions put in place by the TSA and other security agencies throughout the world apply only to those liquids brought through the security checkpoint, and not to liquids purchased after security. You are free to purchase liquids after security and bring them onboard.
Yes, after you pass thru security you can buy water and take it on the plane with you.
Yes. The TSA believes that water before the security station is somehow dangerous, but water after the security station is perfectly safe.

I feel better knowing that my safety is protected by people who can

Is it okay to visit in new orleans now or are there still signs of struggle?

My friends and I have never been to new orleans and wanted to go but i was wondering whether it

Toronto bus and subway lines?

how to get to sherway gardens shopping mall in Toronto from royal york subway station
Take the subway west to Kipling and then the 123 bus to Sherway Gardens.
yep the other answer

Will I have any trouble taking kayaks across the boarder to and from Canada from the United States?

I am going to Niagara Falls in a few weeks and I want to know if customs will give me any trouble for having two kayaks on top of my car while crossing the boarder to and from Canada

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What is it like in San Juan, Puerto Rico?

Is it nice?...are there some good nightclubs?..also are there alot of hot girls?
Amazing. Historic yet fun and hip. There are a couple of night clubs never been to one since I am underaged but I am sure there fun. As for the girls, well buddy you gonna have to come down here and take a look for yourself :) hahah


Why are ac dc thought of as australian when most of them come from scotland and england?

They immigrated to Australia as kids. They formed the band in Australia and many of their early hits were originally bought only by Australians (and New Zealanders). Australia is a nation of immigrants where those who settle here are accepted as Aussies. There have been many acts over the years where those involved weren

Can someone tell me why this Southwest flight from Nashville to Phoenix is going to take so long?


Germans, in which region of your country can I get the best ?

Eichelks I like to enjoy this speciality very much!
You must to confuse that with something different nobody will enjoy Eichelks!

Germans, what is your favourite way to enjoy your?


1) On some fresh toasted bread.

2) On the tip of a sausage

3) With some onions and potatoes
I think you confuse it with Harzer Roller.

I like to have it with onions and potatoes.

But again nobody enjoys Eichelks :))

How long does it take to walk from here to Los Angeles?

Hard to say considering you didn

Is there gonna be another war in Lebanon?

hey,iam checking news and stuffs and all i can hear is Hezbollah and Israeli my grandma told me that situations are quiet messed up between them and a war could begin,is this true ( Hezbollah and Israeli are always in fight ) but about the war? cause same thing happened 2006 and it wans

Do women in Perth like black american men like myself?

If i go to a bar in perth would you women talk to me, or are you all shy?
Men like you are GOLD in perth! You will have no problems. ;)
Maybe you could find a nice gril in perth,just be yourself :)

On the spain Jersey what does R.S.F.F Mean?

R.S.F.F = Racist Spaniard forever, forever!!!!!
If Carajillo is serious, why is it in English?
Risk Sharing Finance Facility
For the uneducated it means,

IAH Question: Terminal C but E gate?

I have a flight going to IAH this morning, and I just got the status of my flights.

This is my first time with connecting flights there so my nerves are up since my stop over is only 40 minutes..

My flight status says that I

How do you explain your desire for a true israel of god?

as opposed to this satanic counterfeit?

Are North Koreans allowed to buy a plane ticket and leave for good?

Despite this question having been asked before, it is still funny. It is a dictatorship. What dictatorship in the world likes it when people leave and in effect dilute their power?

Do yourself a favour, because I am sure you will enjoy all the weirdness, and read up on the North. I mean really read, not just ask questions like this. Crazy does not even begin to describe this place. Search for something called

How much is a cheap but reliable laptop in China, in us$ and in chinese RMB?

Laptop prices differ between China and other countries.

IBM/Lenova and other Chinese owned brands are cheaper in China than abroad.

Most imported brands have a tax, so the price can be higher than abroad.

Sony uses international pricing, so everything is the same in every country.

Your best bet on a good deal is to buy your laptop in Hong Kong.

Basically laptops are roughly the same price, so if you are in China, buy what you know and love.

You are usually looking at around 4000-5000 RMB for a decent laptop in China. $600-700.
Laptops cost the same in China as they do elsewhere. A bare bones model with no extras costs US$400, but a good one costs US$600 to US$1,000. Domestic and international electronics brands are available in China. Lenovo, Acer, and HP are the most popular computer brands in China.
if you just need a OEM can probably get it like 300$ around

Where would you like to go right now?

Kathmandu, Nepal. To have a glimpse of Mt. Everest.


Can you walk to Guys Hospital from London Bridge Train Station?

or do you have to get a tube?

Please tell me about Gorham, Liverpool, in Nova Scotia about population, land area, etc...thank you so much..?

i find it hard looking for the information in the website...
Gorham is a street in the city of Liverpool, Nova Scotia. There is also a school called Gorham Memorial School in Liverpool.

There are no details about anything specific about Liverpool, NS that you should know about. It is a small town in Nova Scotia, a small town just southwest of Halifax, close to Mount Pleasant. There are only about 5000 people in the town, it

Can anyone out there provide some good links to employment-related sites which serve the NW of Ireland?

Thanks in advance for your time.

They are not specifically the NW but you can go into the various sections and look yourself, I just used Google there are plenty more websites if you look.

Egypt:if u passed 6 primrary u will probably know the answer?

man 3alamany 7arfan sert laho 3abdan ...who said that line?why? this is just a random question
i searched that for u ..and i found many ppl say that who said that was Ali Ibn Abi Talib ..but i really donno ..also some say that he (radya Allaho 3anho ) said:

Are there any special procedures you need to do if you are planning on moving to Switzerland for 6 months?

I want to rent a flat out there for 6 months. With Switzerland not being part of the EU, I didnt know if there were any special things I need to do, other than sorting out the funds and the accomodation itself. Cheers
It depends on your nationality. If you are a EU passport holder then there is not much to do for you. Just move here, register etc.
This website has all of the necessary information you need:

PS. Any visit to a foreign country longer then 90 days will no longer be considered a

Watch Calgary vs Toronto Live online Football CFL Week 3 where i can watch?

Toronto vs Calgary cfl , Toronto vs Calgary live stream , Toronto vs Calgary , watch Toronto vs Calgary live , Toronto vs Calgary 2010 , Toronto vs Calgary watch live stream , live Calgary vs Toronto, watch Calgary vs Toronto live , watch cfl football week 3
I found some good website that contain all trusted link to watch online all tv show, movie and sport live streaming here :

I recomended to check it.

You could try a tv for pc to watch CFL football games live online. Get it here.

There are hundreds of worldwide TV channels like CBC, TSN, CTV, ABC, TNT, ESPN, CBS, FOX, BBC, NBC, Local...

Download and install it on your computer.

With it, you can watch CFL football games and lots of tv channels live online legally, comfortably and in good quality.

No matter where you live . Hope this helps.

Songs for a plane journey?

Im flying from Amsterdam to New York, i think its about 8 hours-ish and i need some songs to listen to on the plane (not with flying related things in the name, just decent music), preferably not ones about crashing as well cos im a really bad flier..Thanks :)
Complicated - Avril lavigne

Airplanes - B.O.B

madonna - Frozen

Taio Cruze - Break your heart

Timbaland - Apologize

Daniel Powter - Next plane home

Year of the gentlemen album of Ne yo....

All songz of Taylor swift....

Jay sean - all or nothing album!

If you like Linking Park minutes to midnight...


Live streaming Toronto vs Calgary CFL Week 3 live online on PC where watch?

14 Jul 2010 ... Calgary Stampeders vs Toronto Argonauts live stream online 2010. Toronto Argonauts vs Calgary Stampeders live streaming online week 3
I found some good website that contain all trusted link to watch online all tv show, movie and sport live streaming here :

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You could try a tv for pc to watch CFL football games live online. Get it here.

There are hundreds of worldwide TV channels like CBC, TSN, CTV, ABC, TNT, ESPN, CBS, FOX, BBC, NBC, Local...

Download and install it on your computer.

With it, you can watch CFL football games and lots of tv channels live online legally, comfortably and in good quality.

No matter where you live . Hope this helps.

Any good restaraunts in Northside of Houston??? Visting and want to eat somewhere fun!!!?

Stracks in Spring - be sure to try the Chicken Fried Steak w/ gravy - falls over the ends of the plate and tastes like heaven.

or Taste of Texas on I-10 - try anything.

Both are a culinary experiences (Stracks is down home eatin

How long is it from Modesto, CA to Los Angeles, CA ?


Besides the olympic stadium what else does Montreal have to offer? Does it have a coble streets?

Montreal in summer comes alive with street festivals, fireworks shows, and live music.

We had the Jazz Festival in June, we are into the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, and every Wednesday and Saturday night they have countries competing in the International Fireworks Festival. Just outside the city, we have a hot air baloon show in St. Jean sur Richelieu.


Where would you rather live, Europe (or a specific European country) or America, and why?

Well, the European countries have such vast cultural differences, definately a European country because there

How will you say this in greek ?


Ladies,What type of shoes to wear with jalabya at a wedding?

Flip-flops,high heels,low heels,open toes or closed?

I have to attend a wedding in my home country and want to look as much Emirati as possible for one day! A photo would be highly appreciated.

Oh,and purse too!

and how to make the hair?

If you want to look as a young Emirate attending a wedding, you wear a very revealing evening gown, high heels and a lot of make up:). You may not forget, that women and men party separately.

Below please find a link providing images of Jalabiyas worn at weddings:

For Jalabiyas decorated with Strass or other stones you easily pay AED 1.000 . I always wear open high heels in gold or silver and carry an evening purse of the same colour. Almost every women visits the Salon before attending a wedding and has the hair done, manicure and pedicure. There isn

Where to buy strings of pearls in Dubai?

Are those in Dragon Mart original or not?
Pearls bought from a Jewellery store in Dragen Mart are original.
Im going scuba diving, will search for pearls :)

Where is it a

Between Fourt Lauderdal FL, and Winston Salem Nc, Or maybe Charolette.
I would try googling cost of living for each area and see what that brings up!

What is a good japanese drama?


Question about insuring a new car?

I have AAA auto insurance and I just bought a used car.
I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes so you can find the best option for you
geico is cheaper
I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes so you can find the best option for you

Looking for a list of Syracuse New York Hotels and a place to book one.?

Attending a funeral in the Syracuse NY area and need a place to stay.
I use this website They have great deals and all the area hotels at a huge discount. By the way so sorry for the loss.
Try this site: It searches all the hotels on the web and lets you compare prices so you can see what the chains or reservation sites like Priceline,, Orbitz, etc., charge for a room in the same hotel. Then you can book online with the provider you prefer or has the best rate. It

Are Egyptians considered to be black because they are located in Africa or more middle eastern?

There are white Africans so this is just a lame question. They are both Africans and Arabs. They are in Africa and their race is Arab and there are dark skinned Egyptians, too.
Egyptians are considered middle eastern.
Northern africa, including Egypt, is middle eastern.

What do i need to do in order to live

How do I get legal status so I can open a bank account and get setteled in there Ect.

Thanks in advance
I am from the UK and lived in Portugal for 4 years between 1999 and 2003. You do not need any documentation to work and live there, but when I opened my bank account I did need to supply my bank with a

I am having problem understanding what some of these ups shiping terms mean?

ok so i ordered a ps3 controller from i live in canada ( calgary alberta) so it is getting shipped from the US. so i was tracking my package on the UPS website and i see this.

ALGARY, AB, CA 07/14/2010 8:21 A.M. IMPORT SCAN

07/14/2010 7:22 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN



If so, which part of the US states does polygyny practice in? and who practice this?
The truth isn

General Visitor visa to the UK after being refused entry?

How easy is it to get a GV visa after being refused? I have looked at the application and it asks for driving offences, are they a big deal, do they make a diference?
it depends how serious they are - but visitor visas are generally refused as the applicant cannot demonstrate that they can support themselves whilst here - if your financial situation improves you can reapply and then the visa is more likely to be accepted
It will be very difficult. I doubt that the authorities care about minor parking tickets but serious offences are a different matter. I suggest you contact the UK Embassy closest to you and arrange an appointment so you can make your case in person.


Can i go to canada if im under 16 with a passport?

So my parents cant go with me to canada but im going with my aunt and uncle with their family, I have a passport but can i cross the border with my aunt and uncle as my legal guardians?
Yes you can just make sure before you leave that you have some kind of written and signed consent from your parents along with your passport and you should be fine!

Hope this helps! :)
Yes, you can go as an Unaccompanied minor with consent from your legal guardians.

Do you think possibley jews and arabs where ment to live toghter?

jews and arabs have more in common than in difference why the ethnic conflict?
and the million dollar answer is yes!

the problem is that we

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