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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How much is a cheap but reliable laptop in China, in us$ and in chinese RMB?

Laptop prices differ between China and other countries.

IBM/Lenova and other Chinese owned brands are cheaper in China than abroad.

Most imported brands have a tax, so the price can be higher than abroad.

Sony uses international pricing, so everything is the same in every country.

Your best bet on a good deal is to buy your laptop in Hong Kong.

Basically laptops are roughly the same price, so if you are in China, buy what you know and love.

You are usually looking at around 4000-5000 RMB for a decent laptop in China. $600-700.
Laptops cost the same in China as they do elsewhere. A bare bones model with no extras costs US$400, but a good one costs US$600 to US$1,000. Domestic and international electronics brands are available in China. Lenovo, Acer, and HP are the most popular computer brands in China.
if you just need a OEM can probably get it like 300$ around

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