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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Transit visa at Spanish airport (Barajas, Madrid) ?

Will I require a Spanish airport transit visa?

I am an Indian citizen currently residing in the UK . I am going to Morocco later this week. However my flight is indirect and it requires me to change flights in Madrid ( Spain ). I will only need to stay at the airport for a maximum of 3 hours and my next flight is within 3 hours with the same airlines. I will be arriving at terminal 4 at the Barajas airport and departing from terminal 4s. I will be changing the terminals via the underground rail link. I wanted to know if I would require an airport transit visa . I am not a permanent resident in the U.K. but have a resident visa which is valid until 2011. I have been living in the UK for the last four and a half years. If I provide the following documents at the airport will I still need a airport transit visa :

- Visa for Morocco

- UK Residence Visa (Valid until January 2011 , NOT permanent )

- Ticket for next destination

- Proof of Accommodation in Morocco

I have emailed the schengen visa centre and I was told that I wouldn

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  1. mali passport do i need transit visa less then 3hos


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